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Company news about Lianyungang direct cooling block ice machine
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Lianyungang direct cooling block ice machine

Latest company news about Lianyungang direct cooling block ice machine

Jiangsu ICEMA refrigeration equipment has a company that can customize flake ice machines, direct cooling block ice machines, salt water block ice machines, tube ice machines, sea water flake ice machines, fresh water flake ice machines, plate ice machines, Liquid ice machines, pellet ice machines, chillers, ice crushers, ice cutters, cooling towers, rake ice storage, spiral ice storage, vegetable and fruit meat cold storage, spiral ice delivery system and other products.

1. Product introduction

ICEMA direct cooling block ice machine adopts industry technology. Through direct heat exchange between refrigerant and water, the water in the water tank will eventually freeze into ice after a period of time. At this time, the control system will automatically switch to deicing mode, using heat Fluorine de-icing, de-icing speed is fast. The aluminum plate material evaporator adopts a special process to ensure that the ice produced meets the needs of food, and the ice cubes can be eaten directly. In addition, the unique modular design makes it occupies much smaller area than the traditional salt water ice maker, saving manpower and electricity.

2. Application field

In ice products, block ice has a large external size and a small contact area with the outside world. It is not easy to melt. It is suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, shipping, sea catching, etc. Block ice can be crushed into various forms of ice cubes according to different requirements. After crushing, it is suitable for all places where ice is used.

Three, product configuration

1. Compressor: According to the model and output, you can choose Italian Fujihao compressor or Bitzer compressor, or according to customer requirements. (Conventional is Taiwan Hanbell screw compressor)

2. Condenser: stainless steel plate condenser (air cooling + water cooling), independent research and development, domestic original.

3. Evaporator: high-quality high and low temperature resistant aluminum alloy material, unique flow channel design. The heat exchange effect is good.

5. Refrigeration components: adopt Danfoss quality.

6. Electronic control components: use French Schneider quality; the cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel.

7. Unit frame; hot-dip galvanized I-beam and rectangular steel are used.

8. Panel: 304 stainless steel panel is used.

Four, after-sales service

All products of our company are guaranteed nationwide, please rest assured to buy, maintenance personnel will be there within 24 hours.

For specific configuration planning and design, please call the company headquarters! 0519-81888823