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3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine

3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine

  • Highlight

    3T/24H tube ice making machine


    Commercial tube ice making machine


    Industrial ice machine tube

  • Applicable Industries
    Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction Works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising C
  • Condition
  • Ice Shape
    Tube Ice
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Dimension(L*W*H)
  • Weight
    1600 KG
  • Warranty
    1.5 Years
  • Key Selling Points
    High Productivity
  • Ice Storage Capacity
  • Machinery Test Report
  • Video Outgoing-inspection
  • Warranty Of Core Components
    1.5 Years
  • Core Components
    Pressure Vessel, Motor, Other, Bearing, Gear, Pump, Gearbox, Engine, PLC
  • Compressor Brand
    Emerson, Bristol, Other, Frascold, Xumei, Bitzer, Sanyo, Performer, TECUMSEH, Maneurop, Hitachi, Copeland, Daikin, DORIN, Fusheng
  • Application
    Commercial, Cold Drinks And Wine
  • Refrigerant
  • Condensation Way
    Water Cooling/Air Cooling
  • Tube Ice Diameter
    22mm/29mm/35 Mm
  • Compressor
  • Cut Ice Knife
    304Stainless Steel
  • Circuit Interrupter
  • Material
    SUS304 Staineless Steel
  • Contonller
  • Tube Ice Temperature
    -8 ℃
  • Marketing Type
    New Product 2022
  • Port
  • Place of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
  • Price
    $17,500.00/pieces 1-1 pieces
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden case
  • Supply Ability
    1000 Set/Sets per Month

3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine

3T/24H Tube Ice Machine for Cool Drink Tube Ice Machine for Sale Commercial/Industrial
Model output
input (kw) Rated current (A) refrigerant compressor power(kw) Tube diameter(mm) machine size(L*W*Hmm)
BMT10 1T 8.9 4.6 9.2 R22/R404A 3.7 25/32/38 1490*900*1850
BMT20 2T 17.7 8.3 16.6 R22/R404A 7.3 25/32/38 1490*1050*1850
BMT30 3T 25.4 11.8 23.6 R22/R404A 10 25/32/38 1650*1150*1980
BMT50 5T 40 17.35 23.5 R22/R404A 15.7 25/32/38 1760*1250*2200
BMT80 8T 67.5 32 64 R22/R404A 27 25/32/38 2930*1290*2700
BMT100 10T 82.6 40 80 R22/R404A 33.8 25/32/38 2930*1290*2950
BMT150 15T 121.4 55.5 110 R22/R404A 48.8 25/32/38 2750*1680*3500
BMT200 20T 166 70 140 R22/R404A 61.9 25/32/38 2960*2100*3550
BMT250 25T 205 92 184 R22/R404A 80 25/32/38 3400*2350*3750
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 0
Product Description
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 1
It is named because the shape of the ice produced is hollow tubular. Its inner hole diameter is between 3mm and 10mm, and its length is between 25mm and 42mm. There are various sizes to choose from. The outer diameter of the ice is 22mm, 29mm, 35mm, etc.
The shape of tube ice is round and generous, and it is crystal clear, so it is very popular among consumers. It is widely used in the preparation of wine, iced drinks, decoration and food preservation.
The tubes of the icing part of the tube ice machine are all made of SUS304 food-grade material, and the upper and lower water
tanks, the ice-cutting mechanism and the part in contact with the ice are also SUS304 stainless steel, so it is a food-grade
ice-making equipment. The machine can be used to produce commercial ice or as an industrial refrigeration freezer.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 2
Product Acessories
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 3
Bitzer compressors
Bitzer compressors is recognized as the best compressor brand on the market.
The quality of this compressor is ensured.
Ice Mold
The tubes of the freezing part of the tube ice machine are all made of SUS304 food grade material.
The diameter of the tube ice is
19mm/22mm/25mm/28mm/35mm, etc.
The length of the tube ice can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 4
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 5
We offer the highest quality stainless steel evaporators with an 18 month warranty.
Stainless steel frame
Fully automatic operation of the stainless steel frame of the evaporation drum.
Quality is guaranteed.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 6
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 7
PLC+touch screen
PLC: Can directly use Siemens software to read and write programs
Touch screen: Kunlun /Siemens
The whole system comes standard with Schneider brand contactors, thermal magnetic protectors.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 8


Air cooling
Advantages: no water consumption, energy saving
Disadvantages: Loud noise, affects yield in poorly ventilated/higher temperature areas
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 9


Water cooling
Advantages: high efficiency, low noise, use in water-rich areas
Disadvantage: high water consumption
Water Filter
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 10


5 Stage Filter
Processing capacity: 2.5T/24H Water purification level: level 5 Features: up to the standard of direct drinking
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 11


Tube Filter
Processing capacity: 20T/24H Water purification level: coarse Particles
Features: suitable for kitchen use
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 12


Reverse Osmosis Filter
Processing capacity: 0.5-3T/H Water purification level: direct drinking Pellet
Features: Food Factory, Water Treatment Factory
Tube ice machines need very clean and healthy water, if your local water is not up to hygienic standards, here are three filters for you to choose from
Tube ice Application
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 13
1. Add ice for drinks and beverages; 2. Seafood , aquatic products are kept fresh and refrigerated;
3. Fruit and vegetable preservation;
4, medicine, chemical cooling;
5. Industrial cooling
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 14
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 15
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 16
Product Parameters
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 17
Relative Products
About Company
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 18
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 19
Shanghai ICEMA refrigeration technology co.,LTD is a technology-based enterprise that pay attention to user experience.According to customer requirements,Company can produce intermediate,low and ultra low temperature refrigeration system,covering cooling, keeping fresh,cold storing,freezing,quick freezing and other fields,our machines not only have a large market share in china,and also be exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East,South America,Europe and other countries.According to the developing requirement of the market,SHANGHAI ICEMA refrigeration technology co., LTD has developed a group of standard machines for customers in all industries, including brine refrigeration block ice machine, direct refrigeration block ice machine (high quality aluminum plate), tube ice machine, seawater type flake ice machine, freshwater type flake ice machine, plate ice machine, slurryice machine, cube ice machine, water chiller, rake ice storage, spiral ice storage, fruits,vegetables and meat cold storage,spiral ice feed system, etc. In Suzhou we have our OEM factory that is specialized to provide all kinds of air condenser and terminal devices of air condition.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 20
We have our OEM factory in Suzhou, specializing in supplying all kinds of air condensers and air conditioning terminal
equipment.We have our own processing plants in Shanghai, Suzhou and Jiangsu. Icema integrates high-quality technology, production
and logistics resources, specializing in the production and marketing of ice machines. The company has a strong technical team and
modern production equipment, dedicated to To produce high-quality and high-performance products, all products have a minimum
warranty period of 18 months, eliminating customers' after-sales worries.
We participate in promotion and industry exchange activities attentively. In the long-term development process, the company has
established long-term good partnership with many customers at home and abroad with excellent product quality, good product
performance, leading technology advantages, and the company leads customers to visit It is our most important business philosophy
to ensure that customers are assured of products by establishing the factory's production base, various production machinery and
equipment, and finished products.
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 21
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 22
Clients Feedback
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 23
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 24
3T/24H Tube Ice Making Machine 25
Q1-What is the lifespan of the machine?
R1- It can be used for 8-10 years under normal circumstances. The machine should be installed in a well-ventilated environment without corrosive gases and liquids. Usually, pay attention to the cleaning of the machine.
Q2-What is your payment method?
R2-The most ideal payment method for us is T/T, but we also accept pre-T/T+L/C or 100% L/C at sight. You can also pay directly at the Alibaba background. We have several payment methods, which one do you think is more suitable for you?
Q3-Which brands of compressors do you use?
R3- There are mainly brands such as BITZER, Frascold, Refcomp, Copeland, Highly and so on.
Q4-What type of refrigerant are you using?
R4-The use of refrigerant is determined according to the model. R22, R404A, and R507A are routinely used. If your country has special requirements for refrigerants, you can tell me. (The tube ice machine uses R404A or R507A, and other models can also use R22)
Q5- Do I still need to add refrigerant and refrigeration oil to the machine I received?
R5-No need, we have added refrigerant and refrigerating oil according to the standard when the machine leaves the factory, you only need to connect water and electricity to use.
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